Archimedes Lever

Accelerating Climate Solution through Social Enterprise.

Accelerating Climate Solution through Social Enterprise.

Accelerating Climate Solution through Social Enterprise.Accelerating Climate Solution through Social Enterprise.

What is Archimedes Lever?

"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." 


Archimedes saw the near infinite power of leverage.  We see it too.  We're building a new model designed to harness the creative spirit of humankind to ensure a sustainable future.

accelerating a sustainable future with a new model....


A Systems Approach to Climate Solutions:

 We believe that the way forward is to create a platform that employs a systems approach that curates and integrates four essential elements creating an engine for solutions. Through this approach, we can build upon the current and growing solution set; expand and improve how climate solutions are known and understood by the public; expand participation and engagement of the communities already involved in the cause; and improve, expand and accelerate capital flow. The model does not rely upon tradition institutional support though institutions can act more quickly and effectively because of the quality and a-political nature of the solutions. The fuel for the engine is capital and engagement and the outcome is solutions and knowledge. A well-executed platform based on this systems approach will create a virtuous cycle where solutions yield story which yields engagement which yields capital which yields more solutions and so on.


How it works:

 Upon entering the platform you will be guided to areas of personal interest and participation. The journey and options will be shaped by your choices much like Pandora ™ shapes your music preferences. Your level of engagement grows with you, and informs choices for others (through AI and Machine Learning). The result is a living and growing eco-system of solutions.



The objective is simple…grow and accelerate effective climate solutions. Through this model, solutions can continue to grow and thrive; new solutions can find funding; existing solutions gain visibility, improve and link to other enabling technologies and solutions; existing communities, non-profits and NGOs connect and propagate their message and expand reach; social capital has a means of finding and supporting resonant solutions, and the public becomes better informed and engaged. 

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